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Welcome Brides!

We're here to help you look fabulous, stunning and breath-taking on your special day. 

Browse through the helpful information and see why many brides are choosing Workouts For Brides to help them achieve their wedding-day dream body!

Whatever your wedding fitness needs are, one of our online exercise programs can help you.

Lose Weight        Tone-Up        Sculpt Muscles

ONE FLAT RATE -- Membership is good until your wedding date* -- As Little As Just $59!!

Our personalized Bootcamp Bridal workouts include cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises. And, our workouts truly are personalized and customized for you! Give us just 30 minutes and we'll give you your best body. Through our unique wedding training programs we offer you:


Customized Programs

Affordable Personal Training

Help With Staying Motivated

Your Own Customizable Webpage

Exercise Library -- 2000+ Exercises

Plan That Meets A Brides Unique Needs


Get Started Today and Be Fit In Time For Your Wedding!


You provide us the details of:

when your wedding is

what your wedding fitness goals are

how much (or little) time you have available, etc. 

We'll help you look fit and beautiful on your special day.

Join Today

  Learn Tips To Help You Get Fit For Your Wedding Day   

Many brides try unhealthy, quick-fix diets...Here are the most common fitness mistakes and how to avoid them.

View Full Article



Customized Programs: Our certified personal trainer can design an online training program specifically for YOU based on your individual needs (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). You will be more successful at achieving your wedding-day goals if you utilize a workout that is custom designed for your body and your unique needs. That's why we offer programs that are personalized based on the extensive information you provide when you enroll. We design  programs for all fitness levels, that can be done anywhere (home, gym, or travel), and for use with a variety of fitness equipment or even no equipment at all.

Help With Staying Motivated:  Brides, you can sign up to receive weekly e-mails from your certified personal trainer with tips and words of encouragement. Also included are unlimited e-mail consultations. With our interactive workout log you'll be able to stay accountable to your trainer and, more importantly, yourself. The workout log will allow your trainer to re-evaluate your program to ensure it is always meeting your needs.


Affordable Personal Training: We provide all the benefits of a personal trainer without the expensive price! In fact, membership in WFB will likely be the most cost-effective wedding-related purchase you make!  Compare and you'll find that most personal trainers charge at least $50 per hour. Yet, we'll provide you with a customized cardiovascular program and strength training program that is good up until your wedding day for as little as just  $59!


Tons Of Exercise Variety: Workouts For Brides exercise programs include loads of variety o keep your mind from burning out and your body from hitting a plateau, which can prevent you from losing weight and/or gaining muscle. With our workout plans you'll have exercises that are actually fun! Learn more about how online personal training works.


Your Own Customizable Webpage: All of our programs include a private, customizable webpage of your own. The page is both fun and useful. You can upload pictures, add your own streaming videos, keep a daily journal, access LOCAL fitness activity information, and more.

Huge Exercise Demo Library: As a Workouts For Brides member, you have 24/7 access to our HUGE library of more than 2,000 exercise demos.  Each demo includes an animated demonstration and detailed written instructions on how to perform the exercise move correctly. So, you can always rest assured that you are using proper technique, which is critical to ensuring an effective workout.. View Sample Exercises, to see examples. 

Plan That Meets A Brides Needs: We completely understand that planning a wedding requires a huge time commitment . So, as a bride-to-be you probably have very little time to spare. Only have a couple hours per week to spare? No problem, try our Short On Time wedding workout option. Don't like jogging?  Love jogging? Hate weight machines? Love dumbbells?  That's fine! No matter what your likes or dislikes are, we'll provide exercise programs based on what YOU enjoy doing!  Our members are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer!

*One flat rate membership is good for up to six months of membership access.



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